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Retail Job Interview Questions

Though retail jobs are a dime-a-dozen, managers are always looking for specific type of people.  The cost to hire, whether in retail or a professional organization can be staggering.  Not only is the employer looking at the cost of placing the ad on an online market place, through newspapers or even a shop sign – there are interview costs, training costs and of course – if they employee doesn’t work out.

I found this great link that talks about the cost of employee turnover at certain types of organization.  They had this to say “Sasha is the only consulting group articulating this simple fact: Turnover costs are misleading.  The value of keeping one front line employee is many times greater than the cost of losing one, because turning someone  into a 20-year employee can save 10, 20 or more ‘turns’ on a front line job:   $100,00 or more.” (emphasis is mine).

I can attest to this as I do hire and terminate employees, the cost — plus the stress that it takes on the team can be tiring and for supervisors, and managers exhausting and draining as they are frequently required to “fill-in” until a replacement can be found.

So not only are you looking at the actual monetary cost, but the physical cost on the team and culture.  In other words – HIGH TURNOVER is bad, whether you are retail or a professional services organization.

I’ve provided some questions that you could get asked on retail job interview here, and I have linked to a few websites that provide dozens of different questions that you can use (or learn from):

Retail Job Interview Questions

  • What makes you suitable for this retail job?
  • What qualities do you consider most important in this retail job?
  • What interests you about selling to customers?
  • How do you go about familiarizing yourself with the products you sell?
  • Why are you interested in a position at this company?
  • Describe a time when you had to handle a difficult customer.
  • Give me an example of when you went the extra mile for a customer.
  • Tell me about an improvement that you made to the customer service process.
  • Describe a situation in which you had to remain calm under great provocation from a customer.
  • How have you dealt with angry customers previously?
  • Tell me about a time you received positive feedback from a customer.
  • What motivates you?
  • What didn’t you like about your last job?

Websites that offer Retail Job Interview Questions



Writing A Cover Letter

Admit it – writing a cover letter, or re-doing your resume is not fun.  As much as professional careers (or careers in general) require it, nobody likes doing them.

There are ways around it.  You could hire someone to do it for you, it is expensive with prices ranging from $400 and working their way into the thousands.  I’ve only ever paid once to have my resume redone, and wasn’t overly happy with the results so am very skeptical when anyone offers to redo my resume.

I’ve had my resume reviewed by those same writers that charge $400 and up and many of them have said that my resume is “pretty good” but could use some polishing.  I may take them up on the offer at some point.

Resume writers can also do more for you than simply rewrite your resume, they can help build your brand by advising you on how to integrate your social media profiles into one cohesive image (or brand).  They would take your Facebook profile, meld it with Twitter and LinkedIn plus other profiles to help you develop a brand.

I’ve been told (again by the same reviewers) that my profiles are well done and that I don’t really need to spend a lot of further refining them.  I’m flattered.

But what do you do when you don’t have the hundreds or thousands of dollars to help build your online profiles?

Read.  Read.  Read.  There is lots, and lots of great information available on-line that will aid you in developing your social media profiles.  There are others that will concentrate on this area exclusively and could probably do it for a few hundred dollars.

There are also many sites available to give you solid advice on writing your resume, and covering letter.

One great site that I recently found (actually an article, I visit the site regularly) is HBR (Harvard Business Review).  There is a great post (though old) by David Silverman.  Hit the link to read the best cover letter ever.