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Problem With Living In A Connected World

We are living in a connected world.  Who doesn’t have a call phone (or three) in the house?  Laptop – check.  Netbook – check.  Tablet(s) – and check.

The problem with all these devices is that they need power, and if you’re already running low before you head out for the day you need to ensure you’ve got power on the go to refill.

Consider my household:

  • Laptop (ok, so I don’t really take it anywhere – more of a desktop replacement)
  • Netbook (taken out time-to-time for work related stuff)
  • Blackberry (for work)
  • iPhone (my wife’s phone)
  • HTC Panache (aka MyTouch 4G) Android phone – for tethering
  • iPad
  • ASUS Transformer Android tablet

This will only get worse as my son gets older (and he is a gadget freak like his dad [and mom]), or households that have 2, 3 or 4 kids!

So the issue is this: charge the devices upstairs in the bedroom, because you know I’ve got to get in a few hours of time on the BB, HTC and iPad and sometimes on the Transformer.

Move downstairs and if something is running low or dead – head up stairs, and grab the charging cables to the main floor to charge some more.

Go out for the day – typically the phones go with us, and almost always the iPad (kid loves YouTube).  The HTC is used for tethering, and it sucks the battery within hours so I need yet another cable in the car.


You can see where this is going.  There are multiple cables for everything.  Luckily the Transformer, HTC and BB are all USB so I can get by with one or two cables in the car and a couple in the house.  Gets tricky with the iOS devices.  We’re forever unplugging and plugging in chargers all over the place!

It’s a real pain.  But unfortunately, no solution in sight.  If we want to love our devices, we are unfortunately stuck running around in circles, upstairs, downstairs to ensure that they’re always fully charged and ready for the next 24-hours (or less).

We need batteries that can run for days without a charge.  Here are some resources to keep you going…